Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of September 7, 2022

Restored Republic via Update as of September 7, 2022, the latest video will be shown earlier at the official website. Restoredrepublic co Judy Boom 2020 Election Invalid the US Supreme Court has voided the 2020 election due to election fraud. Linwood Charlie Ward boom the global currency reset has already occurred. All 209 nations gold assetbacked currencies started trading on the forex back screens on Sunday, 28 August.

Boom On Monday 5 September, Trump publicly confirmed Q suggesting a military takeover through laws of war. Chapter Eleven Boom We are coming into a moment when commerce is coming to a full stop, so you might want to shop while you can. Wana saban.

In a report issued in 2017, human rights watch of New York City claimed that the royal Canadian mounted police were directly implicated in the disappearance of indigenous women across British Columbia, Canada. In their report, HRW documents how Maunes routinely rape, torture and imprison West Coast native women, and often these women then banish. The HRW claims that many hundreds of First Nations women in British Columbia are going missing at the hands of police under a fog of official deception.

Lagarean adds but it’s China who is behind it these days. To grab all the resources. Falford A new 911 or Fukushima type event planned for this month by Kazarin Mafia. Their US incorporated payment now due the removal of the top ranks of the Knights of Malta by the Vatican means the entire leadership of NATO has been fired.

P Three freemason sources say there is also a pert going on inside Vatican City as Zionist cabal members are being removed. The sources say this is causing a leadership vacuum in the G Seven group of countries as their entire economic social system collapses. Dr. Vincent Carroll was calling for an investigation into a potential link between the COVID vaccines and monkey packs. Both were manmade and patented by Fauche and US bioweapon labs in Ukraine.

UK government beginning to use Tesla free energy technology mass demonstrations are continuing across Europe, most notably in the Czech Republic and France. Germany has created a new military unit to patrol the streets and enforce martial law starting on 1 October, the day after 30 September cabal payments in anticipation of mass riding and civil unrest. A global currency note it was my personal opinion that notification of Tier Four B as the Internet Group for Exchange and Redemption appointments would take place around the same time as a big event such as void in the 2020 election.

An act that was bound to trigger riots in major cities where those in power have implanted and paid antifa and other dangerous groups. There were only a handful of military intelligence people informed of when liquidity release would actually occur and they weren’t talking. Timing would be decided by the quantum computer and based on safety issues. Any other dates given were pure speculation, including my own. Monday, 5 September March some say it won’t happen until 2 September.

Tier Three has the money in their accounts and they can see it but cannot touch it until the RV happens. They have started arresting corrupt folks in Iraq. There is a largescale cleanup on the way. It appears things are coming down with the arrest of corrupt politicians. They just came right in and started cuffing parliament staff in Iraq have returned to work.

This is all the clerks, janitors, secretaries and the rank and file of parliament, not the elected officials. They anticipate moving forward with getting the government sat. There really is a lot of positive news coming out of Iraq right now. The news broke this weekend on other sites that there is a $3.0.71 dinner street rate. I was told contractors should receive this rate around the 15th of this month in actual dinner, not in other currencies.

Banking side was quiet over the weekend. I have not contacted the redemption site yet, but most people are expecting activity to start over the next 24 hours. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we will have a lot of solid news to share. Still a lot of chatter of activity in groups as they have gotten things lined and ready to go.

Go in tier three and four. A The Euro has now officially closed below parity with the US dollar and off market trading. Today we are watching the implosion of the Euro. There is a lot more chatter from Ireland and Scotland and other countries about abandoning the euro and lots of talk from Germany as well. Also, there is a new female prime minister in the UK.

Fleming. They were sending out tier four B notification after the Labor Day weekend somewhere between two s 6 September and Friday 9 September. Bruce tier Five the general public should be able to exchange foreign currencies at a bank on Thursday 15 September. Tier Four B foreign currency exchanges bond redemption at redemption centers open 18 hours a day for the higher rates will take place for ten to 15 days. The White Hat Alliance said that Tier Four B will have ten days to exchange foreign currencies and redeem some bonds at special rates.

A high up source felt that the GCR RV could occur anytime between now and midoctober unless a Trump arrest caused a delay through November. The hold up was more military logistics and underground tunnel resistance that was in the process of being finished. Coach jerry be encouraged their community. Our time will come. If we could figure out the precise timing, then the evil opposition could also figure it out.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that the Worldwide Alliance has designed this entire movie such that no one outside the good military is quite able to figure it out. The calendar of events september will be a month of upheaval. A month when all the dirty things of this government will be exposed. Trump warns of dark times ahead. September and October were going to be very important months.

A lot of things will happen. We will get a confession in that time about the theft of the 2020 election. They are already caught. Charlie Ward by voiding the 2020 election the US government is now organized would be dissolved. Mainstream media satellites would be taken down.

The Emergency Broadcast System put into effect on the new Starlink satellite system and nations around the world would go into martial law. The US would maintain martial law until a new election could take place. Twos 6 september 6 colon. Oopmest. JFK Jr live is ongoing. It’s time for justice. I will expose them in four days from Friday to Sept. Prepare for the real storm. It was a pandemic and they are going to pay for their crimes. To be in the shadows was the only choice I had.

They wanted to destroy me. They want to destroy what they cannot control. I am ready to come out from the shadows. Now is the time. Q victory. It’s not a conspiracy anymore. Wednesday, 7 September. Durham de Laca’s channel to private. Sunday 11 September 911 they will shut down the world’s economy. According to Lynnwood.

Friday 30 September cabal deadline to pay reparations. Riots expected twos november 8, 2022 elections I have an extremely good authority from three different sources that the USA election in November will not happen. This has already gone through the Supreme Court SCOTUS and they used a shadow document to overturn the 2020 election. Charlie Ward november 9, 2022 911 military Tribunals arrests,

revelations nazi war crimes against humanity international Military Tribunals to take place in Mariupoldanask Republic and the US state Department was freaking out the International Tribunal in Mary Upon can shed light on the true nature of the Kiev regime, of which the United States is carefully creating a bright and heroic image. American citizens will finally learn that their government is in fact helping those who deliberately kill and torture the Russian people in Adam.

Bass and Ukraine see international Child sex trafficking organ and Adrenal chromosome harvesting ring european Royals killing and achieved children for fun at human hunting parties human hunting parties royals elites linked to child trafficking adrenalchrome organ harvesting deweather manipulation pakistan is experiencing its worst floods this century after a monsoon dumped a record quantity of rain. Flash flooding and rivers breaking their banks have left at least a third of the country underwater.

RT Chitoga georgia Governor Brian Kemp has declared a state of emergency for Chituga in Floyd counties following severe flooding. The National Weather Service also issued flash flood warning estimating about six to twelve inches of rain. According to the National Weather Service, the flooding has the potential to be life threatening.

Hours of heavy rain have already flooded roads and damaged property in the northwest Georgia communities. Right now, 40 volcanoes erupting 34 along the Ring of Fire eGlobal riots Demonstrations mass demonstrations are continuing across Europe, most notably in the.