Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 16, 2022

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 16, 2022: As you know, our content is restricted by payment gateways. We are looking for a workaround. All your monthly contributions to us have been unconditionally stopped forced us to change to give cento below each video and start from zero. We will try not to give up. Please continue to accompany all of you on this journey.

We can’t afford to continue making this content without your support. Thanks for your support. Please visit the Restoredrepublic Co official website to receive the latest articles daily. Restored Republic via Update as of September 15, 2022, the latest video will be shown earlier at the official website restoredrepublic Co Judy Note saturday 17, 2022 is the 235th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution. Checkmate on a fived chess game first rest will shock the world.

Queen is out. King is next and exposed. With the Queen’s passing, prince Charles now takes the title of King Charles. KC. We were told A equals one, B equals two and so on. King Charles k c equals 11.3. Charles was heavily involved with Epstein’s Great Awakening world cup plus Trump friday 16 September everything will stop moving.

Ups FedEx Port Workers Complicate rail Strike Amtrak is reported to be cancelling all long distance trains starting tomorrow. Fearing the impacts of a looming rail worker strike Amtrak cancels all long distance trains ahead of potential freight rail shutdown. The US.

Supreme Court has voided the 2020 election due to election fraud and foreign interference. Chinese Communist Party in a US. Election president Trump is back in Washington, D. C. No one has lived in the White House since Trump left after having signed the Insurrection Act of 18 Seven, which placed the military in charge of the country.

A Black Swan event was expected as the Cabal faced a Friday 30 September payment deadline for families that owned US incorporated. The Cabal has planned riots in the below 17 major cities. Their purpose was to cause chaos so that the laundering of slush funds could continue through the US Incorporated, united Nations, World Bank, IMF, British Crown and Vatican to their Cabal corporations of State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock A. September 17, 2022 is the 235th anniversary of the signing of the US constitution. The night of June 24, 2019 can Cromarbi vs.

Goliath IRS below completed and delivered the Masters for Bluray and DVD duplication of two new productions, a more perfect union, 30th anniversary, digital remaster and miracles. In God We Trust Coincidentally, the next day, Barbie and Ken were hit with their first SWAT by 13 plus US marshals on a fraudulent IRS claim. It was exactly 09:24 a.m When Ken Cromar was doing his first live radio interview to promote the two new films.

The first question was, Ken, why did you make the film Miracles in God We Trust? Ken literally opened his mouth to answer the question. When he saw the SWAT team walk past his window, he stammered on live radio, sorry, sir, I have a family emergency. And have to hang up. Click. Within 30 seconds, barbie and Ken’s dream house door was breached and they, withdaughter liberty, were thrown out onto the street, instantly made homeless, not to return for ten months.

BTW, after their return five months later, they were hit a second time by the now famous 75 man SWAT on September 24, 2020. Ironically, just seven days after constitution day this coming Saturday, September 17, 2022, is the 235th anniversary of the signing of the constitution. Dear listener, would you like to have a copy of both of these films while simultaneously helping keep barbie and Ken alive and in their fight for justice? Shipped to you for only a minimum $25 donation.

It could be our way of thanking George Washington and his founder friends and two modern day freedom fighters in barbie and Ken cromar. Imagine americans learning about the miracles that helped birth this nation and watching George Washington sign the constitution in a multimillion dollar feature film production reenactment shot at independence hall in Philadelphia in a more perfect union.

The cromars would appreciate your help and would hold this special offer, which includes a free pocket constitution open through end of September 30. We are living in a police state. CIA. FBI. IRS corruption IRS what? Teams twice kicked seniors ken and barbie out of their fully owned home. Threw away their entire personal possessions. Including expensive equipment can use to make a living and destroyed evidence can have petitioned to bring into court the judge in the case. Christine Johnson has so far refused to supply ken and barbie the number of her utah issued barr license. Bringing into doubt whether or not she actually has one.

Ken and barbie were arrested without being read their rights, had been denied hearings in a fair trial, and now had a warrant out for their arrest, having convicted them of living in and stealing from their own home. All was done after a federal tax court ruled they didn’t owe any monies to the IRS, the fact of which they were denied the right to bring forth in their jury trial.

Unfortunately, our police state has expanded all the way up to president trump and other conservatives. Dr. Simone gould, the founder of America’s frontline doctors, has been released from prison. Wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, dr. Gold went to prison because she dared to stand up against misinformation big pharma and the biden administration. While in prison, dr. Gold was shamefully quarantined with eight days of solitary confinement because she refused to take the COVID-19 jab nudiram bombshell.

FBI paid Russian accused of lying as a confidential informant against Trump prosecutor says igor Danchenko, the primary source for the discredited steele dossier was paid by the FBI as a confidential human source for three years, despite prior concerns that he was tied to russian intelligence services. Mike Lindell says biden’s FBI surrounded his car, confiscated his cellphone a drivethrough of a hardyster day. The FBI you’re going to hear this. You’re probably already hearing it in the news. The FBI came after me and took my phone. They surrounded me at a Hardy’s and took my phone that I run all my business.

Everything with said that my pillow CEO and they told me not to tell anybody. Weaponized Police State Trump Rails Against FBI for Alleged warrant issued against my Pillow CEO we are now officially living in a weaponized police state rigged elections and all our country is a laughingstock all over the world. The majesty of the United States is gone. Can’t let this happen. Take Back America trump posted on Truth Social on Tuesday trump Supporter Says FBI came to her door to intimidate her with anonymous if that she was at J six, she wasn’t.

I was terrified and I’ll be honest with you, when my daughter woke me up telling me there were three armed FBI officers at my door, I thought she was joking and immediately tried to throw clothes on. I called my husband. I was crying, my knees were shaking. Capitol Police Whistleblower Memo lays out January 6 intelligence failures on Pelosi Watch three days after the January 6 riot, a Capitol police intelligence analyst sent a blistering email to supervisors blowing the whistle on a failure to heed clear intelligence that right wing writers plan to storm the capital. Mike Lindell on being Rated the FBI came after me and took my phone.

They surrounded me at a hearties and they told me not to tell anybody. Breaking News Mike Lindell the pillow guy was just raided by the FBI. We are now officially living in a weaponised police state rigged elections and all our country is a laughingstock all over the world. The majesty of the United States is gone. Can’t let this happen.

Take Back America donald J. Trump DOJ Issues more than 30 subpoenas to Trump Associates donald J. Trump why aren’t they going after the people that rigged the election? Massive amounts of refutable evidence they are only interested in though seeking the Truth third World Country dozens of amazing patriots who stand for America, including wonderful young people, are being targeted and harassed by the Department of justice and FBI. Is this payback for Liz Cheney being annihilated by 40 points and destroying what was left of the Unselect committee’s credibility?

Our country is being destroyed by the radical left Democrats stock market crash, no southern border, rampant crime, military failure and much more. Meanwhile, all they want to do is take vengeance on the 45th president. Me and those who support me. We will never back down. Make America great again.

The FBI was paying a big time Russian informant spy all the way back to 2017, while at the same time they were accusing me of working with the Russians in the Russia hoax. In other words, they knew their case against me was with all of the money and manhours spent a fraud, deglobal currency, reset duty note the new gold assetbacked currencies of 209 nations have been trading on the forex back screen since Sunday 28 August.

Between Sunday 11 September, thursday 15 September, a global financial system change was to occur. On Sunday 11 September, Iraq brought out their new Iraqi dinar rate and on a Tier One level began using and exchanging it in mainland Europe in the Middle and Far East with Wales. Tier Three and Four A under strict NDAs RV monies were said to be in their accounts, though not yet liquid.

On Monday morning, 12 September, bond payments were.