Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of September 15, 2022

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We can’t afford to continue making this content without your support. Thanks for your support. Please visit the Restoredrepublic Co official website to receive the latest articles daily. Restored Republic via Update as of September 14, 2022, the latest video will be shown earlier at the official website restoredrepublic Co duty Note The Cabal has planned a false flag 911 nuclear type event for Wednesday 14 September. Ben fulford.

Last Sunday night, president Trump returned to Washington D. C. To personally oversee the hand delivering of an important message to US. Army general james c. McConville, who has overseen white house security since trump signed the insurrection act of 18.

Seven. A black swan event was expected as the Cabal faced a Friday 30 September payment deadline for families that owned US incorporated. The Cabal has planned riots in the below 17 major cities. Their purpose was to cause chaos so that the laundering of slush funds could continue through the US incorporated United Nations, World Bank, IMF, British Crown and Vatican to their Cabal corporations of State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock. A global currency reset.

The new gold assetbacked currencies of 207 nations have been trading on the forex international market back screens since Sunday 28 August. RV moneys were said to be in Wales tier three and Four A accounts though were not yet liquid. Wales Tier three and four A have been under strict NDA since at least Thursday 1 September. March on Monday morning 12 September bond payments were paying out in Europe by 213 September. There were multiple reports that some in tier three were getting paid.

Between Sun Eleven, Sept and Thursday 15 September a global financial system change was to occur. On that Thursday 15 September all 209 countries new gold assetbacked currency rates would be on the quantum financial system and announced to the public. A high up source felt that the GCR RV could occur anytime between now and mid October unless a Trump arrest caused a delay to November. Coach Gerry Be encouraged their community our time will come. If we could figure out the precise timing, then the evil opposition could also figure it out.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that the Worldwide Alliance has designed this entire movie such that no one outside the good military is quite able to figure it out. Charlie Ward under bricks more than half of the world was already dealing in goldbacked currencies over 4 billion people that has taken control away from the Federal Reserve dollar. So even if the Cabal did bring in their central bank digital currency, which was backed by air, it must go up against something backed by gold and it would not last.

B Twos september 13, 2022 the Big Call Bruce last week all US banks declared bankruptcy and had orders to restructure under the Restored Republic by midnight Wednesday, 14 September. On Sunday 11 September Iraq brought out their new Iraqi dinar rate and on a tier one level began using and exchanging it in mainland Europe in the Middle and Far East at 05:00 p.m..

Monday, 12 September redemption schedules went out to all redemption centers, but they have yet to have access to the code that could open them. Most bondholders still do not have access to 1% in their accounts but should be notified that they could by Wednesday or Thursday 1415 September on or before noon Est 15 Sept. All 209 countries must have their gold assetbacked currencies announced on Thursday, September 15 Nizara Jazzara should be announced.

See restored Republic White Hat military operations have silently seized the chain of command of the Vatican empire. The announcement of death of the Queen frees the world from British Admiralty rule and ensures collapse of the world Cabal deep state regimen. We are now in Operation London Bridge, where we’ll have three days darkness followed by ten days of revelations. Great Awakening cups.

Trump Biden has never lived in the White House. It was empty, just like the rest of Washington DC. Washington DC buildings were vacant except for Janitors. Nancy Drew has dedicated a daily report about this fact. See her telegram page. You were being served alive via television that Congress is doing anything at all. Our elected officials were safely tucked away in F. McPherson in Georgia, where there is a fake White House set and everyone takes deep state handouts.

Freelance investigative Science reporter since 1996 the media, Big Tech and Big Pharma intend to put out a narrative and announce the digital currency planned by the World Economic Forum. The only way they can survive would be by seizing everyone’s assets that included houses, cars and businesses. They said you will own nothing and you will be happy as long as you do what they say.

D calendar of Events wednesday, 14 September private Livestream with Donald Trump each member can directly ask the President one question and get an answer live on the channel. Due to telegram, rules, regulations and security reasons, the channel will be set to private in the next 24 hours from 213 September.

Wednesday, 14 September the Cabal was planning a false flag attack on this day, according to Ben Fulford. Thursday, 15 September possible Jazzara Nizara announcement gold assetbacked physical currency and digital Ustn should be out to the public with the fiat US dollar pulled off the market within three months. Thursday free, 15 to 16 September.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, president Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India will meet on Friday, 16 SEPTA. Major freight railroads could begin a strike by 1150 railroad workers that would shut down railroads across the US. And cost the economy more than $2 billion a day, disrupting deliveries of all kinds of goods and passenger traffic and drastically add to food good shortages. Monday, 19 September Queen Elizabeth funeral one of the biggest gatherings of world power brokers in recent world history.

Friday, 30 September was the Vatican’s payment deadline for the Rothschild, Rockefellers and other families that own us incorporated, United Nations, World Bank and IMF. The US incorporated British crown and Vatican laundering of slush funds to the Cabal. Corporations of State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock would now stop.

An October mega black swan event will occur, triggered by the cabal. This could be a bloody revolution, anarchy, or a peaceful transition. In October, the Chinese Communist Party will convene to make amendments to their Constitution that will lead to new strategies of governance, likely a democratic state.

Twos November 8, 2022 elections I have on extremely good authority from three different sources that the USA election in November 2022 will not happen. This has already gone through the Supreme Court SCOTUS, and they used a shadow document to overturn the 2020 election.

Charlie Ward E twos september 13, 2022. Trump’s Adviser Checks on White House Michael Baxter yesterday, the mainstream media bonkers with speculation when President Donald J. Trump’s Boeing 757 200 land an unexpectedly adullis international airport in Washington, DC. Why was he there? Was he sick? Headed to Walter Reed. Was he surrendering himself to the DOJ? Had a grand jury summoned him? Was he in DC. To play golf?

The flurry of gossip seemed unending. The media got an answer after Trump, shadowed by a procession of thirsty paparazzi, showed up at his Virginia golf course. But sources told Real Raw News trump’s Golf Excursion was a diversion. While the rabid media focused on Trump, a senior aide who had traveled with him aboard the 757 quietly slipped away from the crowd on a clandestine mission to visit the White House and, as one source put it, make sure it is as Trump left it. In July 2020, R1.

Raw News published an article claiming that Biden, despite appearances to the contrary, had not set foot in the White House and was in fact turned away by the US. Military when he and Kabula Harris sought entry on January 25 year. Although multiple independent sources confirmed the story, we still questioned its veracity for it true, it meant that every media organization in the country, including Fox News, was part of the fraud. Sources had said the Biden regime and its media enablers used movie sets and sound stages to mimic White House press events. Yesterday’s information affirms last year’s contentions.

A source within Trump’s inner circle confided in Rrn that the aide will call him Jeff was greeted at the White House by the US. Soldiers who have been safeguarding the Oval Office for either Donald J. Trump or the next lawful president. According to our source, Jeff was at the White House on Trump’s behalf to deliver an extremely important message to US. Army general james c.

McConville, who has overseen white house security since trump signed the insurrection act of 18 seven, which provisionally seeds authority to the military in matters of national security. I don’t know the nature of the message, but for Trump to take these steps, it must be of paramount importance. It was important enough to require hand delivery.